A Step-by-Step Guide to Help you Learn Modern Calligraphy For Beginners | INSTANT DOWNLOAD

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Jonnie Guernsey
Clear instructions

I have only begun the practice pages, but Maira also provides videos that are quite helpful. It will take time and a lot of practice to master these skills- Maira makes it easy to believe you can learn this!

Letizia Landi

A Step-by-Step Guide to Help you Learn Modern Calligraphy For Beginners | INSTANT DOWNLOAD

Mildred Cruz
Step by step guide

Very Helpful

Beginners guide review

Just what I needed. I was just about at my wits end trying to figure out how to do calligraphy. This guide shoes me where I going and how to get there. Thank you

[****] and. This guide gave me a much better idea of what ro do where I'm going and how to get there. Thank you so much. ecogordo @ relus.net

Roberta Pappagallo
Learn modern calligraphy

I find it very useful and easy to follow, I like the font

Do you…
  • Keep seeing those awesome lettering videos and calligraphy pieces and wish you can write like that?
  • Think only those who have neat handwriting to learn calligraphy?
  • Want to learn how to letter but are overwhelmed with all the options out there?
  • Contemplate starting calligraphy and have a few pens, but don’t know how to use them?
  • Want to start a new hobby but don’t know where to even begin?

Now you can start making beautiful letters today with this Modern Calligraphy Workbook for Beginners. A guide with everything you need to know to start your new creative outlet.
In this Modern Calligraphy Workbook for beginners workbook you will find:

  • The right steps to follow to learn calligraphy the right way.
  • The correct tools you need.
  • A step by step process so you can learn modern calligraphy and take the overwhelm out of learning.

The best part? You'll have access to it right away! THIS IS A DIGITAL FILE for you to print at the convenience of your home or local printing store. You won't receive a physical product.

This INSTANT DOWNLOAD workbook has 70+ pages full of step-by-step instructions for everything you need to know to get started learning modern calligraphy including:

  • WELCOME. Introduction 
  • GETTING STARTED. The must-have tools for beginners.
A Few Words of Advice
What is calligraphy?

Handwriting, hand lettering, cursive, calligraphy, lettering, typography - OH MY! - simple ways to understand all these terms.
What is Modern Calligraphy?
Anatomy of the letter
Commonly used calligraphy terms you need to know.
Getting used to the brush pen
Basic Calligraphy Strokes explained
Extensive Calligraphy Practice Drills 

  • THE WORLD OF LETTERS: Practice Worksheets for Small tip brush pens which include:

Lowercase Reference Letters Page
Forming letters a-z (Lowercase)
Uppercase Reference Page
Forming letters A-Z (Uppercase) 


Practicing the numbers


Putting the alphabet together.
Connecting the Letters using 2 different pangrams.
How to letter different common words and phrases. 


Calligraphy Practice Tips

Helpful Links and resources - where to buy your calligraphy tools!

*** BONUS ****

    • Blank practice worksheet for Small Brush pens
    • Blank practice worksheet for Large brush pens